Hakaras Ha'tov


Shalosh Seudos sponsors: Judy Becker (father’s yahrzheit); Naomi Sandel (father’s yahrzheit); Leila Weil (mother’s yahrzheit); Shifra Weitz (father’s yahrzheit); In memory of Chaya bas Shlomo

Kiddush upgrade sponsors:  Pam & Nussin Fogel on the occasion of Pam’s father’s yahrzheit, Jonas & Lisa Kleiner on the occasion of Jonas’s father’s yahrzheit; Fraeda & Stuie Goldstein – in honor of their daughter Shayna; Seth, Yaakov & Debbie Gordon on the occasion of their mother, Ethel Gordon’s yahrzheit; Shmuel & Rochel Karper on the occasion of Leibel Foont’s yahrzheit; Miriam Alizah & Avraham Rothman in honor of their daughter Devorah Leah.