Community Services


Location: 315 Grand St.
Telephone: (212) 475-8514
Comment: Open 30 minutes after sunset for 2-3 hours each evening.
Open 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. each morning for men


Telephone: (212) 230-1000
Comment: Volunteers and ambulances throughout the community

Bikur Cholim

Contact: Miriam Katz, Naomi Sandel
Telephone: (212) 420-6414, (212) 614-0208
Comment: Provides many services, including: Meals for mothers after
childbirth, Hospital visits, Driving sick or elderly to doctors,
Providing homebound meals

Partners in Torah

Location: 317 Henry St.

Simcha G'mach

Contact: Julie Dancziger
Telephone: (917) 534-9275
Comment: For all your simcha needs...benchers, platters, vases etc
This g'mach was created L'ilui Nishmas Dovid Yonasan ben Chuna

Night Kollel

Location: 313 Henry St.
Comment: Open nightly - arranges Chavrusas, nightly Shiurim

Moshe Lehon Tomchei Shabbos

Contact: Breindel Lehon
Telephone: (212) 254-2987
Comment: Provides food for the needy in the neighborhood

Pinchas Tropper Torah Tape Library

Location: 313 Henry St.
Telephone: (212) 475-8595
Comment: Thousands of torah tapes available for loan

Shidduch Group

Contact: Tova Peretz, Allison Silver.
Telephone: (212)353-3956, (212)674-0667
Comment: Monthly meetings

Bris Pillowcase

Contact: Elana Small
Telephone: (212) 677-7406

Simcha Dancing

Contact: Miriam Katz
Telephone: (212) 677-7406
Comment: Tuesday evenings