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For matters relating to Young Israel cemetery, please contact the chairman of the cemetery committee, Shmuel Karper at 718-253-1950 (home) or 646-942-0176 (cell).


It is an old tradition to remain awake all night on the first night of Shavuos to learn Torah and then daven Shacharis at daybreak, “K’vasikin”.  Through this practice we again experience our acceptance of the Torah on Shavuos, just as we relived the Exodus at the Pesach seder.

The Shavuos night course of study varies.  Some have the custom of reciting “Tikun Leil Shavuos” which is a sampling of the entire Written and Oral Torah.  Most people today prefer to continue in their regular routine of learning.  This year again Young Israel will join together at the Grand/Henry Street building with the East Side Torah Center Kollel for a joint program of Torah study.

There will be a program in the Young Israel for teenage boys on Shavuos night as well with shiurim throughout the night and a dairy and pareve ice cream party.

The Beis Medrash will be open for Torah learning by chavrusos as well as by parents and children and individuals.  Various shiurim will be conducted during the night for those who desire.  We look forward to seeing the Beis Medrash full with members and visitors who seek a warm, engaging Torah atmosphere.  In the morning everyone will join to daven Shacharis upstairs in the main shul.  This year sunrise is at 5:27 AM.  Services will begin at 4:42 AM so that Shema will be recited before sunrise and Shemone Esrei at sunrise “K’vasikin.”

Continuing another Young Israel tradition, special refreshments will be provided throughout the night by the family of our former long time member, Ray Provda, a”h.  Ray left an endowment to continue sponsoring Shavuos night refreshments in memory of her parents Dovid and Faiga Esther on their yahrzheit.

The physically taxing all night program may be too strenuous for the majority of our congregation.  Therefore, regular Shacharis services will commence at the usual time – 8:45 AM -  in the main synagogue.

Whether you come early or come late – come!  Come to Young Israel and make it your spiritual home on Yom Tov, Shabbos, or the weekdays.


We remind men that they can only light Shabbos candles after Plag Hamincha, which is 6:49 PM on June 2nd and is as late as 6:57 PM from June 24th until July 7th when the Plag Hamincha time begins to recede.  Women whose family daven at the early Friday night minyon must light candles before the congregation accepts Shabbos, which is about 7:20 PM.  As you can see, a Jew lives with the clock and with the calendar.


Once more we remind men about reciting “Shema” before davening, as the time for reciting Shema is now 9:10 AM on Shavuos.  It will not be 9:30 AM again until August 7.  Time is short and fleeting.  Why not fulfill this basic commandment properly by reciting the three paragraphs in their proper time.