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By: Kahn Fay Nesharim

To celebrate Super Bowl LII being played in Minnesota, YIM brought the pre-game show to the Lower East Side by having Minnesota’s #1 dulcet voiced Jewish singer, Benny Friedman, (sorry Bob) perform at our 39th Annual Concert.

Uri Davidi, who released his debut album in 2017, opened his first set with Blibi, Ana Shema and his album’s eponymous Halevei and closed with Shwekey’s Et Rekod.

Benny Friedman opened his first set with his own Bom Bom, Todah, Reb Yehoshua Omer, a medley of Yoel Sharabi songs, his famous uncle Avrohom Fried’s legendary Tanya, Mattisyahu’s One Day and the Elbaz family’s Hashem Melech.

Uri’s second set included Kol Haolam, Mashiach and Boruch Hashem. Benny saved his biggest hits for last, performing Yesh Tikva, Fulfill Your Tefilah, Meilech Kohn’s V’Ahavta and closing with his current smash hit Ivri Anochi.

For those who purchased special tickets, the evening then continued as always with the post-concert reception. Benny and Uri graciously mingled with the crowd, posed for pictures and helped extend the wonderful evening for a little longer. With beautiful decorations and a creative spread put together by Reception Chairperson Debbie Krupnik and many products provided by our newest sponsor, Gourmandises De France the newly renovated Seward Park High School Cafeteria took on an atmosphere of a French patisserie (not exactly but it certainly looked extra nice).

Young Israel would like to thank everyone who worked on the concert, before during and after. Thank you to Concert M.C., YIM President Stuie Goldstein. We thank Nachum Segal for once again graciously promoting our concert on his program. Our Benefactors, Patrons, Supporters, Friends, Sponsors and Chesed Fund contributors.

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Thank you to Reception Chairperson Debbie Krupnik, supported by Eliezer, Pinchas, Yael, Avi and Daniel Goldfarb and Malka Lavner.
Thank you to The Negotiator, Eddie Silver.
Thank you to Joyann Erez for all your hard work.
Acharon, Acharon Chaviv: Concert Chairman Reuben Epstein and his wife Hilda -

We hope to see everyone at next year’s concert!